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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012
7:57 pm
Player Information
Name: Ace
Age: 29
Contact Info (Email, AIM, etc): rizzleswahl on AIM

Character Information
Name: Dobby
Journal Name: [info]dobbyisfree
Link to Icon for Taken List: here
Age: His exact age is Unknown
Race: House Elf
Special Abilities: A long with own form of Elf Magic he is very adept at knitting socks and painting. When performing magic he does not need a wand.
Sexuality: Straight
Fandom: Harry Potter
Point in Canon: Just before his death in book 7
Brief History (or wiki link): here
Brief Personality: Dobby is a very passive creature unless you mess with someone he cares about and then he has a temper something awful. He also has power that most people would never believe when they looked at him. Now that he is a free elf he believes that he should be paid for his services. He is quiet, kind and caring as long as he is treated in kind. Harry was the first wizard that was ever kind to him, so Harry has earned his ultimate respect. He will do anything for Harry and his friends, because of all of the kindness Harry has shown him over the years. He may be quiet by nature, but when he feels the need to speak out he is perfectly capable of doing just that. He treats all house elves with respect and kindness and he encourages them to ask for wages as well. The one thing Dobby believes in more than anything is fair play.
Writing Sample (link is acceptable): [info]rizzles

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Saturday, November 19th, 2011
9:47 am
Dobby....A free Elf! )

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